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Why hire a specialized recruitment?

The intellectual capital of a company is crucial to the success of any strategy. Do not pay the high cost of a wrong hire. We can make this process more assertive.

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The war for talent
Is your company ready?

The analysis of the company's culture supports the attraction of the best professionals, but demands tools, metrics and expertise that are not always available, not even the best HR managers...

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The art of strategy is knowing when to say no

When HubSpot was in the early stages, I accepted almost everything: new features, new initiatives, new ideas. This allowed my team to move quickly and achieve their goals. I was proud to be a man who always said yes. We worked hard to adapt the product to the market, so anything we could do to […]


The future of human work is imagination, crea...

Apparently, there is an absolute consensus that technology will replace the job or, more precisely, the people who occupy those jobs. Few sectors will not be affected – perhaps none. Knowledge workers will not escape. Recently, the CEO of Deutsche Bank predicted that half of its 97,000 employees could be replaced by robots. A survey […]


The war for talents

The War for Talents In the information age having available the best intellectual resources has become the main differential of building successful strategies and generating results. For some time, it is no longer the equipment and today, not even the technology, the real differential of the companies, but its capacity to innovate and reinvent itself […]


Success Matching in Practice

“Além da comprovada competência profissional do time da Follow, o que mais me impressiona é a capacidade de entender a nossa cultura, transmiti-la para os candidatos, e fazer um alinhamento preciso com o tipo de profissional que estamos buscando. Somos uma empresa de tecnologia – as pessoas são nosso principal ativo – e por isso temos a confiança em delegar para a Follow a busca não apenas da experiência e das habilidades técnicas, mas também do encaixe perfeito com a nossa cultura.”

Lars Janér

INSTRUCTURE Latin America Director

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